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Prosperity Coaching

This subscription based program provides you with weekly videos, question and answer sessions, and specialized reinforcement tools developed around finding your Goals and achieving them.  You will have access to private FaceBook groups where you can be encouraged and encourage others, make valuable connections, perhaps even develop your MasterMind group, and promote and be promoted among like-minded persons.  Reagan Training will be engaged and addressing questions and concerns as well as incorporating input in the video series and documentation.


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Prosperity Coaching through Your Goal Coach includes PodOrb!

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7 Steps to the Starting Line

Join us for a life changing program designed around you finding your Goal!  You will learn how to identify your Goal, find others that have blazed that trail, determine where you match them and where the gaps are, learn ways to close those gaps and add your unique traits, and start your race to your Goal!


Then we will continue beyond just starting your race, taking you through to completion and beyond.  Opening your mind, building your confidence, and giving you the tools, tips, and strategies to set larger Goals with the knowledge that you can and will achieve them!


Your passion will be rewarded in this program and your actions will take you farther than you currently think possible!