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Early life

Being a Military Brat, I went ROTC in University with a guaranteed Pilot slot due to high ASVAB and AFOQT scores.  But that wasn't meant to be.  My father retired during my freshman year and my ROTC Commander suggested going US Air Force Reserves for extra cash and college tuition, aside from my GI Bill.  That led me to the medical field as a Medical Laboratory Technician.  Unfortunately, that program came with an unexpected cost, due to the price tag of my training, ROTC would no longer allow me to switch to being a pilot.  However, the Lab led me to my love of all things training and teaching, beginning with Total Quality Management or TQM by Xerox. 


I have been a Trainer, an Educator, an Instructor for Saint Louis University, a Consultant for Oracle Services, a Life Coach, a Business Coach, an Executive Manager, a Business Owner, and a Healthcare Consultant with a focus on Medical Lab Systems.  Always the go-to guy for all things training related and continuing to encourage the success of others, I am able to surpass the expectations set by others and bring conclusions that go above and beyond.


In all of that, I designed and implemented custom solutions and training programs for the American Red Cross, MasterCard, Bank of America, various Military Command Units, Housing and Urban Development, AFLAC, and several Healthcare Systems.  While maintaining these corporate and military clients, I also guided several others to their goals and developed strategies for them to increase their health, wealth, and increasing the quality of their experiences with time.




Traditional education can be a wonderful thing!  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I gathered degrees in Medical Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, and Workforce Education and Development.  However, I realized in my late twenties that the education I had acquired outside of the disiplined system fed my desire to be more and do more than my colleagues and friends of that time. 


I studied Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins (though I admit, not my favorite), and many others looking for the common threads, the principles of setting my life on a specific path, and manifesting my own opportunities.  This "side" education system of self-study and exploration has made me uniquely successful in helping so many reach their goals that my goals are met in their success.


On my 50th birthday, I retired from the traditional life and decided to focus my talents solely on helping others and only doing those things that bring me joy.


What brings me joy are seeing others succeed and having all the time I need to have high end experiences with my family while my children are old enough to enjoy and remember them and young enough that I do not have to be concerned about college tuition or out-of-state educations. 


We ski in Austria, vacation in Dubai, visit family in Poland, travel the United States, and get in several fishing trips on as many continents as we can.  In fact, one of our travel goals is to have fished off the coasts of six continents!


Moving Forward